Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nightmares and Dreams Chapter 26

"Manny, you got some time to spare?" Reed Conners asked as he paced around Betty's kitchen using her telephone.
"Yeah buddy, what's up?"
"Remember John Thomas? The paper says he got loose while being transferred.  He's headed this way!"
"No shit! Coming this way?"
"Christ," Reed exhaled, "I thought we had him put away for good.  I'm coming down!"
He hung up the phone and took one last look around Betty's home. This was the second time he had been downtown that day. First to see Manny and the chief, then to attend court in the afternoon to indict the guy who had put a bullet in his shoulder, drug dealer Rocky Huot.  He wondered again where Mitzi Grover had disappeared to.  She'd been smart to turn that sleaze Huot in and get away.
Reed cussed at the heavy trafic as the setting sun hit him in his eyes. Don't these fools ever get to where they're going and stay put? He remembered the quiet roads in the north.
Manny was at his desk, dressed in his usual faded jeans and tee shirt when he got to the Dallas Police station.  He pulled out a chair and turned it backwards, then sat and rested his arms over the top.
"Manny, how hard is it to trail someone traveling on a credit card?" 
"Not hard at all. Why?"
Thomas is following me, to get to Lindy!"
"What makes you think that?"
Reed leaned his chin on his hands and was silent for a minute. "Its a gut feeling I have.  He was obcessed with getting the million dollar insurance money she collected, but he failed.  Now the asshole has broken out of prison and he wants revenge!"