Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alone With My Thoughts

The birds are just beginning to sing another announcement of a sunrise, and I can feel the excitement in their chirping.
But here in the coolness as the night ends, loneliness haunts me.
I remember.
And I wonder fearfully, can I start again? Will the smile on my face be real?
I knew love and it was good. Now the pain is here. My body is tired. The lines on my face have deepened overnight, and a little more of the flame has gone out of my eyes.
But you know, as the first tinges of color flow heavenward, I can feel a small flutter in my heart.  Maybe it's a seed of hope...a tiny word, so fragile, but so strong.
My chilled body feels warmer and stronger as a rainbow of colors heighten, and my expectations, suddenly, become aware and sensing.
My early morning thoughts are interrupted by a breathless show of spendor. And, now for just a moment I think I can see a message written in its center.
In God's subtle way, maybe he is telling me, just as natures songs and beauty are everlasting, my hope can be too.
Now the world is hushed, and the silence is warm.
Faces are turned in awe.
It's sunrise.                                                                               Lyn Milller Lacoursiere

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wings and Time

As I look out at the peaceful, serene mountain tops and the black, green forests, your white gingerbread houses with red tile roofs, and the vast blue ocean that flows endlessly into the horizon, I feel as though I have lived here at some earlier time. I am in Norway and even though this country is new and foreign to my eyes, there is a familarity about it. The old world charm of the family visits and the long daylight hours are new to me, but, again it is like some place I've been before. 
I feel a peace in my heart today too, as I sit here in my cousin's home out on a deck near the ocean and have my morning coffee. 
As I look out at the water, and watch the seagull, your majestic mascot, it soars high and then low, up to the top of the universe and down again to the mirrored blue coolness of the water, and I wonder if our Lord, in his graceful way, created the birds for us to learn from.
I wonder if you who live in these quaint houses perched on the cliffs hugging the shoreline, see the same picture as I do, as I watch this beautiful creation silently glide in and out of my view.  This small body of mystery that only  touches down occasionly, and then arches its back and raises it's head to begin, again, another accendsion into the beyond.
This country, my heritage and my roots, does feel strange to me in some ways, and although I share its traditions, our cultures have become so different. But in our hearts we must all have the same feelings, the same hurts and joys, and the same lonliness and pain. 
You too, must have days when you get up at dawn and say pleadingly, "God, help me today, I can't do it anymore." 
Our worlds are miles apart, but our inner struggles must be the same.
Do you sometimes look at this mighty bird gliding smoothly by and wish, to be like it? And then only stop when you are ready, when the surface is firm and sure for your feet to rest on, leaving a flowing memory that is light and carefree. And the soft fluffy covering that protects your heart and soul will always be sheltered by the clouds and the winds of flying high.
Do you sometimes have the same daydreams as I?
Today, I dream to be like a seagull and gleefully feel the breeze of life touch my feathers as I sail down to earth, and then just as swiftly lift my feet and eagerly begin another gently climb into the shifting currants of life and it's splendors.
Or maybe, you already know the secret and that's why you have that burning gleam in your eyes and the radiant glow on your face, as you shade your vision and lovingly look out at the sea.
Soon I too, will learn to fly.
                                                                                                       -Lyn Miller Lacoursiere