Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alone With My Thoughts

The birds are just beginning to sing another announcement of a sunrise, and I can feel the excitement in their chirping.
But here in the coolness as the night ends, loneliness haunts me.
I remember.
And I wonder fearfully, can I start again? Will the smile on my face be real?
I knew love and it was good. Now the pain is here. My body is tired. The lines on my face have deepened overnight, and a little more of the flame has gone out of my eyes.
But you know, as the first tinges of color flow heavenward, I can feel a small flutter in my heart.  Maybe it's a seed of hope...a tiny word, so fragile, but so strong.
My chilled body feels warmer and stronger as a rainbow of colors heighten, and my expectations, suddenly, become aware and sensing.
My early morning thoughts are interrupted by a breathless show of spendor. And, now for just a moment I think I can see a message written in its center.
In God's subtle way, maybe he is telling me, just as natures songs and beauty are everlasting, my hope can be too.
Now the world is hushed, and the silence is warm.
Faces are turned in awe.
It's sunrise.                                                                               Lyn Milller Lacoursiere

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