Sunday, September 28, 2014

Revenge (1)

Randi Mills or Red, as she had been called by everyone since childhood was sitting in the bathtub shaving her legs and checking her body over. God, she laughed, do we actually get gray hair here too?
She was getting ready for the love of her life to come over. Tonight would be beautiful. We'll drink some wine, smoke some weed, listen to some good sounds and make love. And we'll use my new oil, she remembered as she toweled herself off and spritzed perfume on those special places.
This man had been her reason for living now as he had given her new insights into the meaning of love, and had been her inspiration to pursue a career in singing.  She didn't need the money, but she craved the attention the stage gave her.
The man looked like a golden God to her. Fair skin, freckles and light reddish brown curly hair. Six feet tall, and somewhere around two hundred pounds with a hard body.  Above average in intelligence he claimed, but a damn coward to comitments of any kind like a lasting love or a steady job. He definitely was what she thought a free spirit must be and sometimes wished she could change herself to be as carefree as he was.
Red lived on the North Shore of Duluth in a modest house by the water. She had been married for many years with grown kids and was enjoying an empty nest. Her husband had been an avid deer hunter but several years ago, he had been shot and killed in a accident on one of those hunting trips, and it had left her in a complete state of insecure despair. And it had taken her quite a few years to come to grips with life again.
She pulled on a new pair of slim fitting jeans, a white silk shirt, did her make-up and fluffed her red hair. She hurried downstairs to make sure the house was in order.
Hell, she thought I better get the mail and take care of the bills tomorrow. and not forget again.
There was a pile of flyers, newspapers, bills and also a letter that caught her attention. She saw it was from her home town and wondered who could be writing to her. Opening it, she found it was an invitation to her twenty-fifth year class reunion. My God, she whispered, has it been that long?
This one she wouldn't miss. She had made a promise to herself and she had a mission to fullfill!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Last Revenge


She sat up on the couch and looked into the kitchen, and saw a bald man on his knees, wearing a plaid shirt and jeans washing the floor. It took her a minute to recognize Jake, and the living room of his house.
"Jake," she asked mystified, "did I fall asleep again?"
"Yes, you did and I laid you on the davenport and put the blanket over you."
She was awake now and realized she might be late for school, so she said goodbye and hurried away.  As she sat in her home room doing her math she glanced down and saw that one of her socks was on inside out.
Funny, she thought, how come I didn't notice it when I got dressed this morning.
Soon the bell rang for recess and she met her friends in the bathroom. And while sitting on the stool, behind the door she quickly changed the sock before they would notice and tease her.
However, while sitting there, she wondered why it hurt so while she peed, then felt a tenderness of her breasts against the fabric of her bra. 
Maybe she thought, this means I'm growing up and all these mysterious things that have been happening is what I should expect.