Friday, September 19, 2014

Last Revenge


She sat up on the couch and looked into the kitchen, and saw a bald man on his knees, wearing a plaid shirt and jeans washing the floor. It took her a minute to recognize Jake, and the living room of his house.
"Jake," she asked mystified, "did I fall asleep again?"
"Yes, you did and I laid you on the davenport and put the blanket over you."
She was awake now and realized she might be late for school, so she said goodbye and hurried away.  As she sat in her home room doing her math she glanced down and saw that one of her socks was on inside out.
Funny, she thought, how come I didn't notice it when I got dressed this morning.
Soon the bell rang for recess and she met her friends in the bathroom. And while sitting on the stool, behind the door she quickly changed the sock before they would notice and tease her.
However, while sitting there, she wondered why it hurt so while she peed, then felt a tenderness of her breasts against the fabric of her bra. 
Maybe she thought, this means I'm growing up and all these mysterious things that have been happening is what I should expect.

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