Monday, February 25, 2013


   This is a story I wrote years ago, while spending my summers at the lake up in Hackinsack, MN selling antiques and junk.  (circa around 1992-3)

    For the rest of her life, Abby would remember that autumn afternoon when it all started. Each day she would wonder at the randomness of her actions. If, she had confronted Lisa and Johnathon at that time, could she have put a stop to the madness?
   The drive back to the city had been exhilerating that day after her relaxing weekend at her cabin and she flew over the country roads anxious to get back to the business she loved as an interior designer. The vast forrests were aflame with the brillant fall colors and the bogs humid and burning, sending peat smoke layering the air.  As she opened the door into her office she was in total shock as she overheard her sister Lisa in a conversation with Jonathon, the man she loved.
   "I hate her," Lisa had been saying.
   "Well, Lisa why don't you leave here and find your own life somewhere else." Their voices were hushed, but audible to Abby standing just off to the side.
   "Are you kidding, what would I do?" Lisa banged her crystal wine glass down against the coffee table top as she sat on the  couch.
   "But Lisa, she's been like a mother to you, she sent you to college and then gave you a job in her company."
   "It could be my company!"  Lisa's voice became sharp, her lips pouted as she talked.  "She's old, Jonathon, too old to run this business any longer."
   "But it's her business!"
   "For now lover,, but I've got a plan!"  Lisa's hands slid over the fine wood of the table, carassed the damask of the davanport.  She got up then and took the sign that said,"A. Andrews Designs," from Abby's desk and threw it into the waste-basket.  Her eyes glittered as she turned to him and asked,     "Sweetheart, are you with me?"
   Jonathon walked over to her and ran his hand over her slim hip and down her thigh.  His voice became soft and tantalizing.  "What's in it for me?"
   Lisa smiled, "Jonathon, we'll be partners.  Just you and I!"
   He had laughed then, suddenly intrigued with the idea, as he had been bored and restless lately.  "Okay--what's your plan?" He asked.
   Abby had stood unnoticed, frozen and ghastly pale just inside the doorway. She turned then and left quietly. Outside she stumbled against the building unaware of the pain as sharp bricks buised her temple and shoulder.  In the late Novenber sunshine, she stood heartsick at the betrayal.  Numbed with anguish, she got in her car and drove aimlessly, typically ending up at her oldest friend Roses' house.  They'd known each other so long that just one look told Rose something had happened.
   "Abby what's wrong?  Come in and sit down!" Rose exclaimed and pulled her into her foyer.
   "Rose, thank God!"
   The two women had been good friends for years and both were single and middle-aged.  Abby was a brunette and crinkled laugh lines outlined her blue eyes.  Her cameo complection was fresh and soft, and her body slim and vibrant.  Rose was a blonde, petite and always on a diet.
   Abby sat quietly still unable to say anything more.  She ran her hand through her short hair and warmed them both around the cup of coffee that Rose had poured for her.  Then she started to cry, uncontrolable tears.
   "Lisa hates me!" She finally managed to get out. 
   "What do you mean, she hates you.  She's your little sister!"
   "Rose, I came back to town early today and went right to my office.  Lisa was there with Jonathon, they are having an affair and I think they are planning to kill me!"


Sunday, February 10, 2013

To all the Moms

This is a special day. A time for thinking
back, and looking ahead.
Over the years my childrien were my life, and
then slowly they flew away, taking a part of me
as each one left.
We had hard times, but many good times
and I watched with pride as they grew from tiny
to big, each little personality blossoming
into one of a kind.
My thoughts are sometimes sad, as I didn't
or, couldn't always do the right thing, but
I feel, now as adults they understand.
A time goes by, each moment I spend with them
has a special meaning
Adding a new dimension to our lives.
Sometimes its mother and child, and sometimes
friend and friend.
The hugs are special, the tears hurt, and the
time between sometimes is long
But my love goes on and on.

(Found in the back of the closet  Written sometime in the '90,s
Lyn Miller Lacoursiere