Sunday, February 10, 2013

To all the Moms

This is a special day. A time for thinking
back, and looking ahead.
Over the years my childrien were my life, and
then slowly they flew away, taking a part of me
as each one left.
We had hard times, but many good times
and I watched with pride as they grew from tiny
to big, each little personality blossoming
into one of a kind.
My thoughts are sometimes sad, as I didn't
or, couldn't always do the right thing, but
I feel, now as adults they understand.
A time goes by, each moment I spend with them
has a special meaning
Adding a new dimension to our lives.
Sometimes its mother and child, and sometimes
friend and friend.
The hugs are special, the tears hurt, and the
time between sometimes is long
But my love goes on and on.

(Found in the back of the closet  Written sometime in the '90,s
Lyn Miller Lacoursiere

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