Monday, December 20, 2010

   Maybe it was too late and I was caught, but I still protested, "It was an accident!"
   "Lindy," Reed said patiently then,"my company wants their million dollars back, and you've been charged with fraud!"
   I sat stunned and stared in unbelief.  For God's sake, not now after all I'd been through. Then I realized he was still talking. "Now, we know he is John Thomas and the same man who calls himself J.T.. Lindy, he killed Sierra Ames, Tanner's girlfriend, and I just found out, now he's killed Tanner!"
   I sat frozen, but forced myself to think. I remembered being haunted by J.T. brown eyes.  Reminding me somewhat of being the same as those of the man who delivered the check for the million dollars to me at the hotel. But I soon forgot about it.
   I repeated, "J.T. killed Tanner?"
   I saw pain deepen the lines on Reed's face. "Yes," he murmured, "I haven't had time yet--," and he looked away and was silent.
   "My god, I've been involved with a murderer?" I managed to ask.
   "Afraid so, but the asshole will get prison for life!"
   I clutched the coffee cup in my shaking hands and started to cry.  Reed stood up and put a hand on my shoulder, then pulled me into his arms. Then what started as a comforting embrace soon developed into a kiss, bringing to the surface all the same feelings we had shared years ago. I clung to him feeling the safety in his arms again.
   The next morning Reed said to me, "Lindy, you know you've got to return the money!"
   "I will," I promised solemnly as we sat in his living room on the burgundy leather couch drinking coffee and enjoying the warmth of the fireplace after the night of love-making. The skies were gray with the feel of an early frost in the air.
   "And after we get things straightened out with the police and my company, we've got to talk!" He continued as he ran a hand over my bare leg.  
   I shivered at his touch. I had thought of nothing else during the wakeful hours of the night, and I smiled at him.
   He took me in his arms then and said, "Lindy, I've got to go to the memorial serivce for Tanner this morning, but I'll be back shortly. Be ready and we'll take off for Minneapolis then to take care of everything."
   The next morning the sun cast a rosy glow over the still lake and a call from a loon echoed in the stillness as I walked with him to his corvette. I leaned in through the window and kissed him, then stepped back and waved.
   "I'll see you in a couple of hours," he said.  I smiled and waved again.
   A few minutes later, the peace in the north was shattered as I roared off in my BMW. 



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