Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My mom's diamond and rubies!

   The man in the orange prison suit jumped up and took a deep drag on his cigarettel.  Sweat poured down his forehead as he stood in the recreation room at the Kansas prison.  It was late fall, the weather hot and humid.  His contacts had finally come through now with what he needed to know.
   Reed Conners was in Dallas, Texas and wherever he was Lindy Lewis would be close!  Time was of the essence and John Thomas had patiently waited and now everything was in place, just waiting to be put into action.
   "Ohhh--that feels good," I murmured to the masseuse' as he used his practiced hands on my back. The sheet over my lower back slid further down as he massaged and soothed my tired and sore body, the results from the hard work I had been forced to do.  Lovely music played on the sound system as I lay on the table and let my thoughts ramble.
   I had been at the Regency Hotel in downtown Dallas for over a week now, and established on the nineteeth floor which overlooked the city. As yet, I had not recieved any response from the ad I had put in the paper offering a ten thousand dollar reward for information on the whereabouts and the return of my BMW that had been stolen. I decided to run it for another two weeks, as sooner or later, I was sure the thief who had my car and money would show up.  It had taken time to find a pawnshop that would give me the money, I knew that diamond engagement ring asshole, Dade had given me was worth.  Although I had to take a loss, I got enough money to tide me over until I found my car and the million I had hidden in it. 
   Today, I had an appointment at Niemen-Marcus for a makeover, as I needed a new look!
   "This is it," I said to the girl in the beauty center hours later.
   "Are you sure?"  She asked.
   "Absolutely!"  I said as I checked myself  in the mirror. 
   "Can I put you down for another appointment this week," she wanted to know and she wrote Lorna Lee on her book and smiled at my plesurure when I said "yes, of course."
   Now, I had the look I wanted; a new make-up style, blonde hair and then the brown eye contacts I had purchased earlier.
   This was my new identity!  And just to make sure, I quickly found a shop and had my picture taken and put on my various forms of ID that said I was Lorna Lee.  Marvelous, what they could do!
   I called for a reservation in the hotel dinning room downstairs and my mother's diamond and rubies sparkled on my ears as I stepped into the restaurant. 
   "Good evening Miss Lee," the Matre'D greeted me. "I have your usual table. Say, I like your new look.  I wouldn't have recognized you on the strreet at all!"
   "Do I look good?" I asked Andre.
   "Knocks my socks off!" the man chuckled and smiled appreciately as he eyed me up and down. Heads turned but I was unaware that I was whispered about as that "mysterious gal up in the penthouse!"
   My week was busy, and then the horrible nighmares began! I awakened from a sound sleep and this time panic enveloped me as the events of the past year coursed though me. The flames from my house fire were smothering me, then I was in the death chase again on the highway with J.T., and I struggled again as Dade Lampart 's weight forced the breath out of me. 
   I awakened then, terrified and huddled for warmth.  And I fought the age-old need to run and hide!

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