Monday, July 18, 2011

Who am I?

    "Miss Lee, I can call the authorities and see if there's a missing person report out for you.  And perhaps we'll find someone to come for you!"
   But as soon as Dr. Horton mentioned that, a tremer shot through my body.  And seeing that, he said kindly, "let's take another look at that picture."  And I handed him the red billfold and slid under the blankets as I lay in the Dallas hospital bed. He studied the picture for a few minutes then said, "Miss Lee, this is you. Your eyes are blue, you know. You had them covered with brown contacts, and your hair has been lightened. And it says here, your name is Lindy Lewis, and you are from Minnesota!" 
   Bewildered,  I reached for the picture and looked again. And seeing my sudden fear, he said, "I want you to stay another night and we'll see how things are tomorrow. I think when you're well rested, things will right themselves." He smiled reassuringly and left my room.
  I slept the day away and well into the next night and awoke as someone said, "Miss Lee, I just need to check your blood pressure." I wondered, why she was calling me Miss Lee?  Then I remembered everything. I knew imediately who I was and why I had changed my identity. And Lordy, why I was in the hospital!
   But had Doctor Horton notified the police and the authorities?  I had to leave, and get away fast! I found my clothes and dressed and ran a hand through my hair. I peeked out the door of my room and not seeing anyone around, found the stairs and ran down. Then I found myself in the emergency part of the hospital, in the same place in the hospital I had come into a few days ago. Finding a handy phone I called a taxi and stepped around a corner to stay out of sight. Sirens screamed then as an ambulance flew up to the door and the paramedics brought a wounded man in on a stretcher.
   "Gun shot," they yelled to the medical staff who ran to meet them. And in the seconds that followed, before jumping out of sight, I recognized the man.
   "My God, it was Reed  Conners!" 
   Reed had been in Texas for three weeks and Lindy's trail had gown cold. Frustration deepened the lines on his face tonight as he went back to the motel room. His gut told him I had left Dallas and he was wasting his time hanging around any longer. He'd hit the road in the  morning and get back to Minnesota and relax and wait for the ice to thicken on his lake so he could ice-fish.
   He unlocked the door to his room, stepped in and immediately sensed something was wrong! Chills went up his spine as he stood still, silhouetted in the doorway. Monnlight filtered into the room through the thin shades. As his eyes adjusted to the gloomy interior, he saw his clothes had been torn off hangers and lay on the floor, and the dresser drawers had been pulled open and its contents strewn about.
   "What the hell--," was all Reed Conners could grumble before the world exploded and a million stars crashed through his head. 

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