Sunday, August 14, 2011

God the pain, the pain!

   The next day lumbered by as Reed bitched continually about not being out there looking for the killer. Manny from the police department came just as his breakfast arrived the next morning.
  "Buddy, I got your message, but I just got back in from Houston. What the hell happened?" His long hair was pulled back in a pony-tail. His faded denin shirt matched the jeans he was wearing. The scent of his heavy cologne preceded him as he came in the door.
   Reed sat up in the hospital bed, his face anxious as he said, "Goddamn Manny its good to see you. I was blasted the minute I opened my motel door. My room had been ransacked."
   "You didn't get a look at who was in there?" Manny asked and then took out a book and started writing.
   "Man, I didn't get a chance! The asshole got my gun too." Reed pushed his tray of food out of the way. God awful stuff they pass off as nourishing!" 
   "Think man," Manny said.
   Grudgingly, Reed replied, "when I stepped in I saw my room had been tossed. The next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor. Shot!"
   "Jesus. Anything new on Lindy Lewis?" Manny asked curiously then.
   "Not a clue. I lost her after she left the job at the Steakhouse." Reed adjusted himself in the skinny bed. His hair fell over his forhead. "But Manny listen to this," he said, "at first I thought it was from all the drugs, but sometime that first night when I came in here I saw her."
   "Are you sure?"
   "Manny, I know for sure. Have you got some time to check out something?"
   "Yeah, now you've got me intrigued." Manny ran his fingers over his mustache.
   "Thanks, can you get her picture and then see if she was here visiting someone? She's a blonde now."  After Manny left, Reed slept and awoke to see Betty sitting by his bed.  "When did you get here?" he asked.
   "Just now. Listen, I talked to the doctor and he said you can leave today if you have someone with you for a few days. And since you don't, you can stay with us."
   Realizing he didn't have a choice, he said, "Thanks Betty, I'll try not to be a nuisance."
   Later he called Manny. "I'm out. Have you found anything?"
   "Yup, been waiting to hear from you. Lindy was a patient in the Dallas Hospital for three days. Looks like you ran in to her just as she was leaving."
   "What was wrong?" Reed asked alarmed at the news.
   "Seems she had something called hysterical amnesia. Didn't know who the hell she was! From stress."
   "Did her memory come back?"
   "Apparently it all came back and she split in the middle of the night."
   Reed guiltily felt an immediate sense of relief. "What else?" He asked.
   "Oh yeah, she's going by the name of Lorna Lee. And she's holed up at the swanky Regency Hotel in  downtown Dallas."
   Reed stood up then from his bed and groaned. His steps were slow and he hurt like hell,but he was determined.
   Lindy Lewis, he muttered as the Corvette roared into action on the freeway, I'm going to get you yet!



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