Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hello my friends

Thank God, I'm back after dealing with an medical issue for a few weeks and am feeling wonderful. 
Having a number of "to do's" waiting ( Editing the formatted copy of The Early Years for an e-book and the final editing of The Silence at Birch, which will be ready for publication this fall.)  I think I have accomplished them now and can concentrate on going forward with my writing.
I am well into my next book called Moonbeams over my Shoulder, which will be out the next year of 2013.
I have left Lindy Lewis safe at last in Reed Conner's arms in the book Silence, and have created a new character named Daisy O'Dell who too, resides in Birch Lake. She owns a manicure business in town and is blond, in her fifties and drives a sports car. She is savy, single and rich.
Daisy has come back to live in Birch Lake, her home town, after residing in Minneapolis several decades for her marriage and to raise her family.
You will grow to love her as I have creating her, as she prepares for a visit from her best friend Roma.  There's murder, mystery and mayhem again for you that will keep you reading well into the night!

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