Friday, August 10, 2012

A new story

This spring before I got sick and now this summer after hopefully shedding this bug that has had me in its clutches, I've been working on a new novel. This story has a completely new list of characters with a protaganist called Daisy ODell, who after years of marriage and raising two boys, has divorced her cheating husband and moved back to her home town of Birch Lake. You will grow to love this blonde bombshell as she struggles to untangle lifes heart breaks and wonderful gifts. This will be finished and releaed sometime in 2013
However this fall, I will be releasing another novel in the Lindy Lewis Adventures called SILENCE.
I'm wondering should she continue her flamboyant lifestyle or should she go to Birch Lake to revisit Reed Conners, her special friend, long-time lover and often times her hero? 

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