Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Alone with Time (Writen in1994)

I sit here in my faded robe
my morning coffee at my side.
The shades are up, a day has dawned
and all my thoughts are on a ride.

Now I wonder where my time has gone
so fast at times, I ponder.
Can these days slow down for me, or
will they put me under.

What will give me comfort now
I question as I sit here.
Will the coldness in my heart
awaken soon. I hope. I fear.

That bouyant heart is worn and old.
My hair is full of wire.
My thighs are slim but look all wrong.
the only warmth is from the fire.

My loves have always been my life
my strength and courage, and my home.
Now I wonder if there's time, but
do I really want to roam?

The times I've loved have been and gone,
the lessons sometimes hurt.
My feelings have been ripped apart,
I lost, then tossed and turned.

Will I be content to rest
forever in this slump.
Or will I trample out to buy
the things I'll need to pump?

Will the lotions and the oils
revitalize and give me hope?
Will I emerge so revishing
or will I fail and mope.

Will I really need the lace,
the perfumes and the creams?
The magic of the "Wonder Bra"
to fullfill all my dreams.

Will I imerge again anew
or will I cry and whine.
Will I stay inside my house
or will I dance and dine?

Will I dare and venture
or is it time to sleep.
My books, my socks and washed out flannels
forever in my keep.

I ponder in my faded robe.
A new day, warm and bright.
My thoughts have circled, now plans abound
the road is now in sight.

No, I say, I just won't do it!
I'm learning now to live.
Alone with me, content with time
Myself the gift to give.

Lyn Miller Lacoursiere

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