Saturday, October 20, 2012

An excerpt from Silence

"I see you dead!" And old woman declared when she appeared at Lindy's door in Hilton Head and insisted she had something very important to tell her. Lindy is wary of this woman's insistance, and totally exhausted from loss of sleep after being plagued by the same three men chasing her again in her nightmares. And after hearing what just might be her demise, she panics. Was this it? Had Mario's family finally won and they would kill her too? This is just one of situations Lindy Lewis will encounter and struggle with in Silence, and which just might keep you up late into the night. Stop in at the Art Center in Maple Grove, Sunday Oct. 28, 1-5 for my book-signing and have a glass of wine. My wonderful and talented son-in-law, guitarist Dan Thayer will delight us with his music, and maybe my son, Jeff Loven, known as the famed One Man Band, can be talked into a few tunes for us too. Hope to see you all, Lyn

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