Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Do you like an Epilogue? Here's one you might see sometime.

Epilogue Daisy realized she’d had all she could stand of this so called “quiet life” she thought she’d have when she had moved back to Birch Lake years before, and Jesse never did see her again. In the weeks that followed, the name Bjorn Olafson was found to belong to the second murderer, and his body was also flown back across the seas to Oslo, Norway, to be met by the FBI. After months of investigations his body was finally released to his family for burial. Realizing she could never relax in her home in Birch Lake again as she’d always be fearing the reappearance of the snakes, Daisy decided to contact a realtor friend and sell the house after it was redecorated, and also her manicuring business. During her stay in Minneapolis she found she loved the city life again and would look for a home in a western suburb. She called Ed and they agreed to meet from time to time in the city, and she also discussed her life change with Reed Conners. She had enough money to live comfortably regardless of the sales of her properties so she could make the change anytime. And if, that inheritance from Roma’s estate came through, maybe she’d do that special something she had always dreamed about. She smiled then as she raised the cup of coffee to her lips and sipped at its dark roast. The End

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