Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Whats there to do? (Billy's favorite complaint growing up)

Writing is a wonderful adventure for me. And at my age and circumstance, I need to keep busy and have a focus. For me, its to go to my computer each and almost every morning to write. Usually I'm in the midst of a novel, but sometimes I just need to take a breath and write something different. Like letters, e-mails or a short story. Recently, after I had wrapped up a new novel to be out the fall of 2013, I thought I should spend a month on learning the mysteries, the "in and outs" of marketing using the internet, as all my six paperbacks are also e-books. And yes, I know it is the way of the future. Well, its still a mystery to me. As authors, we certainly support each others work, but we don't usually take or have the time to read too much of that work. To get to know these authors and hope they will want to get to know us, to then tell thier friends to look us up, seems an awful long road of "maybe's". But what is a better way to get our work out there? Hire a sales force? Sell out of the trunk of our car? Can't I just stay here in my safe cocoon and just write? Won't the avid readers out there find me? No? Comments please Thanks Lyn

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