Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's next?

I always feel a lull from writing come over myself at this time of the year.  In the past, I used to go to Hilton Head SC and spend a month by the ocean each winter, and about now in the midst of our artic freeze I would be excitedly making my plans to exit town soon. However, due to a bout of illness this spring (2012) I am staying put and staying warm right here in my own house. However, I will not allow myself to wish for warmer days as then I would be rushing and wishing my time away. And as we age, the time has a way of sneaking by so swiftly it's always a stunning revolution to see another year has disappeared right before our eyes.
So this year, I'm changing up my routine to include things that excite me right here. I'm buying green plants like succulents and cacti that I would see in the southwest and deep green palm like ones that we see in the south to decorate my house. I might also renovate something and add new accessories to a room. Also, I've taken an oath to toss things I've always put away for those "in case" occurrences and I can smile now as I empty some more hangers in the closets.
In the past, I've taken up painting and this year I'm going to refresh my abilities and continue learning and of course relearning. Best of all, I've finally done something I''ve always wanted to do with my watercolors and that was to mat and frame my work. Now I have one whole wall in my library holding all of my pictures. Some are not so good, but then they're all mine, and its okay.
This morning as I sit at my computer working on Moonbeams Too, (second in the Moonbeams series) and look outside, I could say its pretty dismal and dreary, and below zero degrees.  But I choose to say the snow is clean and pearly white and the occasional patch of ground peeking out is resting for now in preparation for its glorious uprising in a few months. When the sun comes in through my blinds I open them further and feel it's restorative rays warm me and brighten my soul. So, I'm okay here right where I am.
PS;  But, I just might brighten my hair!


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