Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blinded (7)

   Reno crouched on the ground at Julia's side, his eyes wild. Sweat dripped off him and onto her face as he ripped her clothes.
   "Now you're mine. Now you'll be nice to me." His breath was hot and stale with liquor as he lashed out at her. He was going to rape her now! She was helpless.
   But instead, he raised his arm and she glimpsed a knife pointed at her. She braced herself for the end, for the cold steel to pierce her skin, cut her flesh. Seconds went by, then more, but a final blow didn't come, and time seemed to stand still.
   She opened her eyes to see a body fly through the air, knock Reno down. The knife went sailing into the tangle of weeds as the men rolled on the ground, the police arrived and handcuffed Reno.  Then Julia fainted.
   "It was Reno," she managed to say out of bruised lips. She was still lying on the sand.
   Johnny Agar helped her to sit up. Then carefully pressed a hankerchief to her battered face as he talked.
   "I know who it was Julia, I've had a eye on him lately.  I found out he escaped from prison last month and stole that limousine. The police said he had been convicted of stalking and attempted murder."
  Julia shuttered. "He always wanted me to go out with him."
   "Be thankful you never did, as I'm sure he had more than that in mind for you then."
   "You know Johnny, I sensed something about him. But, how did you find me now?"
   Johhny smiled at her. "I came over to get you to go walking and a neighbor said you'd left and was headed down here." As he talked he took off his jacket and wrapped it around her. "I could see you in the distance, then I saw someone come out of nowhere and chase you, then attack you. Well, thank God I had my cell with me and I called 911, then ran like hell."
   Julia began to cry and Johnny leaned down. "Julia," he murmured softly, "the nighnare is over, but it could be just beginning for us." She looked up into those twinkling eyes.
   The sun came out then exploding over the brilliant tropical greenery and the white tips of the crashing waves were bright as diamonds as he gathered her protectively in his arms.
   Safe at last, Julia smiled.
Dear Friends; I often take characters from short stories I've written and put them in my books.
 You probably recognized John Agar from Nightmares and Dreams. He was the FBI agent, posing as a drug buyer, that met Mario out on the ocean, that Mario shot and pushed overboard. The murder scene that Lindy Lewis witnessed.

Thanks, let me know if you think I should keep on, please.

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