Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Home Again (3)

Sydney Joyce greatfully sank down on the quilt covered bed and sighed with relief, however the loud noise from the city still vibrated in her ears. Within minutes her aunt was back with steaming cups of tea.
   "Here dear," she said bustling around, "I thought some toast would be best for your stomach for now."
   "Thank you Aunt rose, I havent felt good, but I'm so hungry," she said faintly. Her hand trembled as she reached for the food.
   "How is your family? Your ma didn't say too much about other things when she wrote."
   "Everyone is okay. The fields don't look too good pa says, but ma's garden is nice.  It's dry though so we have to carry water alot to it." The tea had begaun to soothe her stomach and the thick toast tasted heavenly as Syd muched hungrily.
   "You take a nap now and we'll visit more when you get up," Aunt Rose said and tucked an afghan around her legs.
   Sydney lay back on the fluffy pillows, hundreds of miles away from her home and family. She wondered if she would ever see them again, already missing her piano, she wondered too, if she would ever be able to have another and be able to sing her songs again.
  She slept soundly for several hours and awoke with a start at a loud clanging noise right outside the window.  She jumped up and looked around frantically.  It was dark now and as she ran to the window and looked out, her eyes widened in wonder as she saw a trolly going by full of people.  Lights shone from everywhere.
   That's right, I'm in Chicago at Aunt Rose's house, she remembered as she found her shoes.  Wood burning in the stove and the aroma of baking bread drew her down the hall of the house and into the warm cheery kitchen.
   "Why, there you are, are you feeling better now after your rest?" Aunt Rose turned from the stove with a smile on her face.
"I didn't mean to sleep so long auntie,I can help with supper."

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