Saturday, November 29, 2014


Lindy sat at the counter in the kitchen having a cup of coffee, deep in thought wondering if Red and Laverne would come to their twenty-fifth class reunion too. It's been so long since we've seen each other, she murmured. She thought back to the few phone calls they'd exchanged over the years, and, that they had never taken the time to meet up with each other. Wouldn't it be great if they do come and we would have the chance to catch up with each other. We could laugh and giggle about the good times.
Lindy called and made reservation in first class to fly to her home town, and also booked a room at the Grand Hotel for several nights. She could stay with her mother, but she lived in a small apartment and didn't have room for anyone to sleep comfortably as she only had a love-seat and a couple of chairs in her living room. Besides Lindy was used to living alone and liked her own space.
I'll have to see if my new Hennesey luggage is in, and shop for something new and more subdued to wear. But right now I just want to get into my own cozy bed and read and relax.
Later, as she was packing she wrapped a small package inside a sweater for safe keeping.
Red and her boyfriend Pete were lying on the couch at her house and it had been a perfect evening. They had talked about their thoughts and dreams and their plans for the next few days. Red was in love with Pete, but she knew he did not feel the same way about her. He had admitted that he had always been a loner, sometimes selfish and insenitive but that was who he was, but now he would change. So Red contented herself with the times they had together, and didn't worry about it a future.  When she told him about the class reunion coming up, he encouraged her to go and to enjoy her friends and old times. So she excitedly arranged for time off from work, shopped for new outfits and had her hair reshaped and highlighted. Later as she was packing to go, Pete called her and said he "loved her." Well now, life was wonderful again and full of joy. She hummed a song to herself as she slipped an oblong box in amongst her prettty things and closed her suitcases.

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