Sunday, November 7, 2010


   Edges of danger crawled up and down Tanner's spine as he stood on the corner of Broadway and 8th in the early dawn.
   What the hell is it? He mumbled under his breath. A whiff of fried bacon from his Aunt Juia's cafe mingled with the fumes of the dry cleaners up the block as the small businesses prepared for opening at sunrise.

   In Minneapolis, J.T. stood clenching the phone to his ear.  His piercing brown eyes ready to kill after finding the bag of groceries Lindy had promised to bring for their special night scattered there on the ground by his vehicle. And all the incriminationg papers and the disguises he had used there too, where he must have dropped them when he got out of the car.
   "The bitch will have figured it out," he roared to his buddy and punched the wall. Then bellowed, "Pick me up!" And a few minutes later he jumped into Jones's red car and they sped off.

   I sat on the bed in my hotel room stunned, after finding those papers and disguises J.T. had used to trick me. Painful tears ran down my face. Why hadn't I left town right away after getting my insurance money when I had those sudden niggling feelings of doubt about staying longer.
   Why hadn't I paid attention and especially not gotten involved with this man. For God's sake, he didn't want me, he just wanted my money!
   I jumped up and caught my breath. As soon as he discovers his papers, the wig and his glasses, and sees the champagne and strawberries I dropped, he'll know that I was there and realized just exactly what he was doing. My heart jammed wildly in my chest as I tossed clothes in a bag, thenran down the hotel stairway to the underground parking garage and jumped into my black BMW.

   Across town, J.T. climbed into Jones's red car and said, "Go by that broads hotel and then take me straight out to the airport!"
   "What the hell are you going by the hotel for, she's probably got the cops waiting for you,"  Jones's deep voice vibrated.
   "Fuck, I just need five minutes to settle a score with that bitch before I split this goddamn town." He inhaled hard on his cigearette. And just as they came off the parkway and turned into the hotel entrance, Lindy's car shot past them.
   "There she is, in that black BMW,"  J.T. yelled.  "Follow that bitch," and the red Lincoln flew into the Saturday night traffic as if it had wings!


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