Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Dawn of Reality

   It feels so wonderful to be loved, Lindy murmured as she sprayed herself with perfume. Infatuated with J.T.'s intense love-making she had stayed in Minneapolis longer than she had planned, and still lived in the hotel. Her thoughts were on the special night she had planned; chanpagne and strawberries and a new CD.
She smiled at herself in the floor length mirror as the vibrant green dress swirled effectively just above her knees, and sheer black nylons and patent pumps accentuated her shapely legs. She excitedly ran down the stairway and hopped in her new car and raced out of ramp.
   On the ten minute drive to J.T.'s apartment in the nearby suburb, her thoughts rambled over songs they had danced to in the weeks they had been dating. She sped along now in anticipation of the night and parked next to his car in the parking lot. When she reached to get her bag of groceries out of the back of her BMW, papers lying scattered on the ground next to his vehicle caught her eye. Curiously, she put the groceries down and gathered them up, then picked up a wig and a pair of glasses.
   As she studied the papers, she gaped at a page containing detailed reports of her every move!  Then, found check stubs from the First Federated Insurance Company made out to Jud Thurman, incidentally, which was her company.  Identification and a social security card made out in his name.
   She stood frozen as a chill swept up her back and the warmth of her silk dress turned to ice as she realized something ominous was going on.
   Then she realized, it was those brown eyes! That's why there had been something so familiar about the two men. And as if burned, she dropped the wig, glasses and papers to the ground, left the champagne and strawberries on the curb and ran like hell to her car.
   My God, J.T. was Jud Thurman, the insurance man!


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