Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Stalk

   Not too long before, pissed and broke, a man had just gotton out of prison. His fine clothes, cash and easy life had gone down the drain, but, he dreamt of millions still out there that was just waiting for him. For a price a prison pal had promised and gotten him a new identity and now, hunched over on a barstool he was deep in thought.
   Insurance companies, he mumbled and slapped a hand down hard on the stained wood remembering a conversation with another cell-mate, who, by the way was considered one of the slickest swindlers in the pen.
   Yeah, he mumbled, I need to get myself a job in one of those goddamn insurance companies and have a front. And now months later, he ran up the stairs to his apartment and slammed the door.
  She's got the money! She's loaded and tonights the night, he whispered to the walls.
   It had been the hardest work forty-six year old John Thomas, alias Jud Thurman or J.T. had ever done. But again visions of new cars, cash and Las Vegas danced through his thougths.
  Okay Lindy Lewis, he whispered to the walls, get ready for me!
   It was Friday night and J.T.'s plan was ready for action!

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