Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Meeting

Lindy had slept a few hours, then began to toss and turn. The hotel walls were closing in on her after the long months of waiting for her insurance claim to come through.  She'd bought a shiny new black BMW, and she needed just one good night of sleep before she got on the road, on the way to her new life in California. She punched the pillow in frustration and mumbled, maybe a drink would help her sleep. She tossed the covers aside, pulled on her designer jeans, a new red silk shirt and her high-heeled sandals, then hurriedly applied her make-up and fluffed her hair.
Downstairs, the crowded hotel bar overflowed out into the lobby while the band played the top forty songs. The air was filled with smoke and colognes, mixed with the charged up expectations as the beautiful people mingled. She found a stool at the bar and ordered a brandy manhatton. And as she sipped, her thoughts wondered back to her past. A hundred years ago it seemed.
Lindy Lewis was in her early forties. She'd worked hard to pay her way through college, and later, traveled around the country working for the Grand Hotels, then had gotten married. She leaned into the bar now as she held the cocktail glass to her lips. Lost in thought, her blue eyes saddened at the memory of her husbands death and the end of that wonderful secure era. The brandy burned her throat and warmed her stomach, but didn't take away the familiar ache as she looked longingly at the couples on the dance floor. And she didn't notice a man take the stool next to her or know that he had been waiting just for her.
She turned to him as he said, "Hi, My name is J.T." He was dressed in jeans, and a white v-necked sweater.
Dark hair curled over his temple. "So, whats your name beautiful?" he asked as brown eyes gazed into hers. 
A frown crossed Lindy's face for a fleeting moment as something seemed familiar about him, but she pushed that thought out of her mind and thought she'd just been paranoid for far too long worrying about things.
Smiling she replied, "Lindy."
"Lindy," he said then, "Would you like to dance?"
"J.T. I would love to," she said.  And the sensuous look he gave her as he stood up sent shivers of heat through her body. A feeling she had frogotten.
The band swung into a slow love song as he took her hand and led her onto the dance floor. The beat of the drums echoed in her ears as they swayed to the music. When the number ended, he kept his arm around her waist, and his hip against hers as they walked back to their seats. As she settled on her stool, he bent over and kissed her, then traced a finger over her face, circling her lips.  Enthalled, she leaned closer and inhaled his cologne.
J.T. raised his glass and said,  "Here's to us, Lindy, we were made for each other," and they danced away the night, each time their bodies straining closer.  
"Why don't you come up to my room for a nightcap," he asked then, and having drunk more than she normally would, Lindy threw caution to the wind and agreed and they walked to his room holding hands.
Soft music played on the radio as they sat on a davenport in 310 and J.T.talked about being transferred to Minneapolis from New York and his job at IBM.  Lindy was absolutely taken by his charm, but for a moment again, she wondered why his eyes seemed somewhat familiar. But she promptly forgot the uneasy thought as he took her into his arms.
Just this once, she thought as he began kissing her. It had been so long since anyone wanted her, and minutes later, opening her shirt, he did things with his tongue to her nipples that sent rapturous pangs of joy to her senses. Then covering her belly with more fluttering kisses soon time stood still as a new world opened for her. And J.T. began making love that was so intense, so erotic and so extremely personal she was beyond protesting and her body pulsated with rocking emotions as her world exploded into a million fragments sending an ecstasy of tremors through her body.

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