Monday, February 7, 2011

That red car!

Reed had been stunned when Lindy's name had appeared on a file requiring his attention. She'd gotten a million dollar payout after a fire had destroyed her home, but now new evidence had brought about a further investigation.
He had discovered she was dating a man who went by the initials J.T.. He had also been checking on a new employee at his company called Jud Thurman. He did not get suspicious until he requested all Tanner's records and found an ear-marked file about John Thomas, a man Tanner had sent to prison years earlier. Then the pieces began to fit together. Reed took another drink of his coffee as he sat at his desk.
It had began two years ago when his friend Tanner Burke had come to his office in Willeston. Sierra Ames, his girl-friend had just been killed. The police ruled it accidental and closed the case but Tanner would not accept that. A strange red car had been spotted in the area, and Tanner had been absolutely convinced she'd been forced off the road into the deep ravine by someone that had a vendetta against him. Then Tanner had been killed and it too involved two men in a red car. That red car again!
When escaped convict John Thomas's fingerprints matched Jud Thurmans, the employee from Reed's company the case was blown wide open. When he found out J.T. was the same man who was Lindy's boyfriend, he knew it meant trouble!
Tanner Burke had been up north near their home town looking for Reed when he'd been shot. Reed sat working in his office now as he remembered Thomas's capture and the trial. Remembered how he'd had to grip the arms of the chair in the courtroom to keep from jumping up and the choking the last breath out of the fucking bastard as he bragged about his actions. But finally the prick was put back behind bars again where he belonged!

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