Monday, January 31, 2011

Get my million dollars!

"Find that woman and get my million dollars back!" And before Reed could reply to his boss Ed's irate statement, the line went dead.
What the hell! So far, Reed had found the man who had invaded their company,the same man who had killed Tanner Burke and Tanner's girlfriend Sierra Ames. The police were happy, but Lindy Lewis still had the million dollars!
Was he purposely draging his feet trying to find her?
He'd waited for a phone call from her not wanting to belive she'd used him, but as the days went by the grim truth sank in. She'd used him, again!
What a fool he had been!
His thoughts went back to when they'd met. It was in the late seventies and they were both attending the University of Minnesota. He'd been studying law and she, business finance. He'd been working as a cook in a hamburger joint when she had come in looking for a job as a waitress,
and the first time their eyes met sparks ignited their young bodies.
He sat at his desk in his home on Birch Lake, his chin resting on his raised hand as he stared off into space. Lines etched his face now several decades later, his shoulders had broardened and a slight paunch had appeared around his middle.
Why couldn't he get her out of his mind and treat this like any other case? Sure they had a history, but that was years ago! Now his job might be on the line!
They'd lived together that last year of college and he could remember that cramped one-room apartment like it was yesterday. The peeling green paint and the maroon couch that had made into a bed, that they had made passionate love on every chance they got. And if you stood to one side of the only window in the room and peered out you could see the lights of downtown Minneapolis. He remembered they had stood there the night before their graduation, starry-eyed about their future. And he had gotten a job with a firm in the city and she had gone with a hotel chain in Rochester, Minnesota.
She began to travel for her company and gradually time and distance took a toll on their long-distance love which finally resulted in closure. He heard she had married and he came close.
He practiced law in the city for years then went home to Willeston to the ranch he had inherited and worked out of his home office. He had worked hard and his business grew, then he tired of it all and later sold and semi-retired to the lake place, not even taking the time to let his friends know of his quick decision.
He spent thousands renovating the old cabin, the same one he and Lindy had spent many week-ends at those early years and turned it into a showplace. He spent his leisure time now fishing or part-time on special assignments investigating suspicious claims for an insurance company. First Federated it was called.
When it came to his attention that new evidence had been uncovered that the million dollars they had already paid out had suddenly turned into a fraud case, he got the job.
When his boss barked to him over the telephone,'"Find that woman and get my million back!"' he'd been stunned when he found the claiment's name, "Lindy Lewis," was all too familiar!

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