Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to the grind!

   I argued with myself, why the hell had I taken all my money out of the bank when I left Minneapolis?  But what else could I have done?  J.T. was trying to steal it and Reed wanted it back!  With a stab of guillt, I remembered our love making just a few days ago, could it have meant there might have been a future together with Reed? But to be honest with myself, it just wasn't enough!  I had fought too hard for this fortune! 
   I took a sip of the brandy as my mind wondered.  Well, maybe it was against the law to burn your house down for the insurance monay, but honest to God, I needed it to find that happiness again; away from all the old memories in that place.  
   I blew out an anguished breath.  Well, here I was thousands of miles away from home and my plan had exploded in my face. I sat in deep misery.
   "Would you like to dance?" I heard a southern voice drawl.
   Not being in the mood, I snapped, "No!"
   "Whoa, pardon me!" A man remarked and stepped away, but another brandy manhatten appeared on the bar for me.
    The restaurant hummed with business as I looked around, and after sipping the second drink I made up my mind. I didn't have a choice, I would call Reed for help! It would mean jail, but maybe he'd still help me.
   Hadn't he loved me once? But then again, as the liquer swirled around in my brain, I had some new insights. If I could figure out a way to stay here in Dallas for awhile, maybe I could find the asshole who had stolen everything I owned!  Damn it, I had to make a plan!
   I smoothed my denin outfit and asked the bartender, "Could I see the manager please?" He eyed me curiously as he picked up the phone.  Minutes later a man with a limp came over, his face harried.
   "I'm Archie, the manager here, can I help you with something?" he asked.
   I fluffed my hair. "I'm new in town and looking for a job," I managed to say as steadily as I could manage.
I could feel his eyes slide over my face and body with apparent interest.  He asked my name.
   "Well Lindy," he said then, "do you know anything about the restaurant business?"  I saw him glance anxiously to a crowd of people standing impatiently at the dining room door.  He ran a hand over his forehead and muttered, "Oh shit!"
   "Yes, I do," I replied casually, "I was with the Royal chain for seventeen years!"
   "You were!  Well, come with me Miss Lewis, if you know how to take care of this mess I have here, the job is yours!
   And I slid off the bar stool and followed, my head in a whirl.  And, he threw his hands in the air and walked away and left me facing the angry crowd.
   What the hell was I doing? Here I was just going to stop for dinner and then go to a chic hotel.  Now here I was, penniless, hungry and asking for a job!  Inside of minutes I had gone from rich and independent to a pauper. 
    However, a short time later, I had things under control and a comfortable hum lulled the busy place as Tammy Wyneth told the ladies to "Stand By Their Man." Western hats and boots mingled with diamonds and designer clothes.
   Finally closing time loomed, and by now my sandaled feet ached, my back felt like it was broken and my head throbbed.  I fell into a chair and pulled a blistered foot out of my shoe.
   Archie came over and said, "Hey Lindy, you took care of that like a pro, you got the job!  I pay five hundred cash a week!" 
   Lordy, I didn't want to go back to that grind again!  But what choice did I have?


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