Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love a Manhatten!

"Just a job until something better comes along," I told the tall good looking stranger.
When the music stopped he asked, "do you mind if I join you?"
Well, by now I was somewhat interested, and replied, "But I don't even know your name?"
"It's Dade Lampert." He grinned then and asked, "What's yours beautiful?"
I hesitated just a bit, then said "Lindy Lewis."
"Well, it's my lucky day! Can I buy you a Manhatten?"
I had to admit it felt good to have this man's attention and I smiled and said, "Yes I would love another." Sitting there I inhaled his cologne and then felt his thigh press against my leg. God, I thought to myself, I'm always taken by a man like this; muscled and wearing an expensive scent.
"Where are you from Lindy," he asked me.
Should I tell him I was from Minneapolis? Maybe not. "Chicago," I said easily and smiled into those blue eyes.
"Chicago? A crazy place, I've been there many times but that was ages ago. Now you couldn't drag me back!"
"Its a different world here too, everything is big and grand including egos!"
Dade Lampert pulled his hat lower and grinned at me. "Your right!"
I sipped the Manhatten and felt his eyes go over me, then he lifted my chin and smiled into my eyes. We danced again and when I felt his broad chest against me I wanted to reach in his shirt and run my hands over it.
Lordy, I suddenly realized the drinks had gone to my head, and wary now I slid off the bar stool and steadied myself as I stood. I tried to hide a sudden hiccup. For God's sake, I didn't have time for a romance, I had to find my car and my money. And the next day I had to meet Pug Harris!

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