Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where's the million?

In a Kansas prison, a man in an orange coverall sat at a computer. as a geniusat athe keybroad he had a plan. It had been over thiree months since his incarceration.
I'll find that bitch Lindy Lewis yet, he mumbled as he scanned the internet. And that asshole Conners, his days are numbered, John Thomas smirked.
A buzzer shrilled as the cell doors clanked open. He had two minutes to pass through inspection and get back to his cell.
 "Will I see you later ?" the cocktail waitress at Savards Bar asked as she put a shot of whiskey down on the bar for Reed. 
   "I'll see how the nights goes," Reed answered evasively.  He took a sip of his drink, and tried not to notice the hurt in her voice.
   Ginger Adams lived in his town in the north and was a friend and sometimes bed-partner. But ever since Lindy Lewis had popped back in his life he had been treating her badly.
   Goddamn, he mumbled under his breath, why do I let Lindy do this to me?
  It had started years ago when she'd call or show up and get him all charged up.  Then nothing!  And finally after left hanging too many times, he'd buried himself in his work and put her out of his mind for good.  He'd heard later she'd gotten married. Then a few years ago he'd felt a curious need to buy her hometown paper, and there on the second page was an article that her husband had died.  Not wanting to contact her since it had been so long, he couldn't believe it when later, her name had been linked to a insurance fraud case he had been handed to investigate.
    What had driven her to commit a crime?  She'd always been hard working and honest.  But it had been several decades since they had been together in college, and he knew people changed.
   Reed sat in the Corvette now, his gaze lost in the star filled sky.  It was a late fall night.  A gentle breeze sent leaves falling silently  like a soft rain.  The music on his radio played a slow sensuous song from the eighties. 
   He'd a restlessness eating at him lately. The same feeling he'd gotten every few years at this time and then he and Tanner would plan a trip, to hunt in Montana or fishing in Canada.  Now his friend was dead and soon the snow would fly.
   When winter set in would he be content this year to stay at home with his books and warm fire?
   Goddamn, he remembered Lindy had always loved Dallas, and he was going to Texas.  He would find  that woman and get his company's million back!



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