Sunday, April 24, 2011

The sway of her hips!

   Her nametag said Betty and she had an inviting sway to her hips as she walked away after Reed ordered a steak sandwich and some fries. Nice legs too, he noticed.
   "Do you want a cold beer to wash it down?" she smiled.
   A short time later as she placed his food in front of him, she asked, "Are you new in town?"
   "Just got here," He said and then flushed under her open gaze,.
   "Where are you from?" She continued curiously.
   "Well, welcome to the south!  I'll leave you now so you can enjoy your sandwich." 
    "So what do you do when your not working, Betty," Reed asked later as she came back to his table,
   "I wish I could say nothing, but I've got two kids so I work another job."
   "Goddamn, that takes alot of energy,  What's your second job?"  He asked then as he took out his wallet to pay.
    "Soon as I finish up here I head over to Tonys and work the dinner shift. You know, you must have seen the place when you came into town.  There's signs plastered all along the freeways that say "Visit Tony's Steakhouse for a Taste of Splendor!"
   "Yeah, I do remember seeing them. I'll have to stop in and see you one might then. For now, thanks for everything."  He could feel her eyes following him as he went out the door.  At at his motel, he called Bernard back.
    "You're in luck Buddy," Bernaed said, "I've got an address on her."
   "Where," Reed asked.
   "Right there, in north Dallas. Mitzi Grover 1620 Grant Street.  But this is a few years back."
   "Might work. Thanks Bern," and Reed grabbed his keys and left the room.  Lights were blinking on around the city as he drove through Dallas. 
   Jesus, you've got to be nuts to live in this town, he muttered as he raced along going at eighty-five miles an hour just to keep up with the traffic. And he wondered, if, this was the right Mitzi Grover, would she be willing to help him find Lindy?
   He ran a hand through his sandy hair as he walked up the staris to second floor and knocked on apartment number four.  The place was quiet and he knocked again harder this time.
   Finally a man's voice yelled out, "Yeah what do you want?" and then opened the door and glared at Reed impatiently.
   "Sorry to bother you, but I'm looking for Mitzi Grover." Reed said.
   "Yeah, why?"  A towel hung over his sholders. Tousled brown hair hung wet and slick down his face.
   "My name is Reed Conners. Just tell me does Mitzi live here?" 
   "So what if she does!" The man's voice cracked. 
   "I would like to leave my number for her to call.  Its important!" 
   "Suit yourself," And the man walked away and left him standing in the doorway.  For a minute Reed had felt like punching the arrogant asshole, but now he just laid his card with the motels number on it on a table and left.
   Asshole, he muttered as he got back in the Corvette and drove away.  With no destination in mind, the whole night lay ahead of him.
   Where was that place Betty said she worked at, he wondered out loud as he drove. A big Texas steak would hit the spot and after driving twenty minutes in the goddamn traffic again, he found the place.
   A large marquee sat atop a brick building and the parking lot was filled with expensive cars; Mercedes, Lincolns and Lexus's.  Exhaust form the kitchen filled the air with mouth-watering aromas of prime steaks and fresh bread as Reed walked in.
   "Whiskey," he ordered and then one of those steaks!"  And as he savored the chilled drink and lit a cigarette he wondered what he would do first when he found Lindy. Would he have her arrested immediately or listen to her story. And he knew she probably would have a good one!
   His stomach hurt!  But was it from hunger or the possibility of being so close.  Goddamn, he mumbled, she'd played him for a fool.  But he would find her!   






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