Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Is that it, $10.000 dollars?" She asked.

   Lindy awoke from the nightmare to the phone ringing. She sat up and looked around in confusion.  Her head hurt and her throat was parched as she reached over to still the offending noice.
   "Miss Lewis, Pug Harris here, can you stop in today?"
   Her breath caught, "Have you found my car?"
   "We'll talk when you come in," he said in his gruff tone. 
   She tossed the blankets off and stood up and for a moment the room spun. Last nights make-up was caked on her face and her hair stood up in unruly tufts. Not waiting for the water to warm she stepped into a cold shower to clear her head. Forty minutes later, she ran into his office. 
   Pug Harris's ruddy face was even brighter next to the red jacket he wore, and his office was messier than usual. Lindy sat expectantly waiting for him to tell her something important. She thrown on the first thing she'd come across to wear and now pulled the short skirt down to cover her knees.
   "Have you found my car," she asked again. Her eyes searched his face as he sat, elbows on the desk,.
   "Here's what I found, Miss Lewis, according to my connections, cars like yours are in big demand. They're stripped down and the parts are sent over the border. Or the numbers are changed, and they're repainted and bingo, there's no way they can be traced.
   "Are you talking about chop shops? Are your saying its gone for good?"
   "It looks that way, I'm sorry."
   Lindy left his office and walked until she found a coffee shop.  But her stomach rebelled at the sandwich she ordered and leaving her food untouched she caught a taxi and went back home. With her car gone for good and the money she'd hidden in it, what could she do now?
   The week went by as she worked and fell into bed exhausted each night. She was depressed. But one comment Pug Harris had made stuck in her head, and one idea began swirling around in her head. Then she knew just what she would do.
   "Yes, read that back to me please," Lindy asked the lady over the telephone at the Dallas Newspaper later that week.
   "$10.000 dollars cash reward for the return of a black 2006 BMW taken from 54th and Magnolia on Setember 6th. No questions asked. Contact Box 62A35. Dallas Texas."
   "Is that it?" she asked.
   "Yes," Lindy answered, "but underline, no questions asked!"
   "And how long do you want this to run?"
   "I'm not sure, I guess two weeks." And that night after she finished her shift, she relaxed at the bar with a Manhatton, and Dade walked in.  He flashed her a big smile!


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