Sunday, May 8, 2011

They drank, they danced and they kissed!

   That night after I finished another back-breaking shift, I limped over and sat down at the bar and had a brandy Manhatten. Dade walked in just then and flashed a smile.
   "I thought you had gotten lost out there in the priarie," I remarked nonchalantly. 
   "I had to go out of town for a few days," he said and sat down on the next bar stool. He wore a black Western hat and a black leather jacket and the white turtle neck sweater matched the gleaming white of his perfect teeth.
   "Lindy," he said, "I'd like to invite you to come out to the ranch this week-end. I remember you have the time off."
   "Really Dade, that sounds interesting. I'd love to." I said.
   "Great, I'll pick you up tomorrow after work then. And bring some jeans for riding." He stood up then and kissed me on the cheek. "I've got to run, but I'll see you then."  And he was gone.
    I sat there after he had gone. If I was going to spend the weekend that meant we'd sleep together. We had known each other for almost two months now, and it hadn't happened so far. Really!  
   I couldn't help thinking, what would marriage to a wealthy man be like? No more working and worrying over money. God, it was so hard to be doing this kind of work again after I'd given it up years ago.
   Dade was there to pick me up Friday night as we'd planned, and it was past midnight when we got to the ranch. Lights blazed from the house as they walked in. 
   "I'll show you to your bedroom," he offered, "Maybe you'll want to freshen up." And I followed him through the house and into another wing of the mansion where he opened a set of double doors leading into a spacious room that looked like something out of a magazine.
   "My room is just through there," he said pointing to a connecting door. "I'll be in the library, come in when you're ready. I'll chill some wine!"
   After Dade left, I slipped my shoes off and buried my sore feet in the lush carpet. Then I ran a tub of water and helped myself to one of the jars of bubble bath.  I sank down then into the carassing warmth of the tub and relaxed my overworked body. Music spiraled into the room and I finally stepped out onto the heated floor, and dried off.  I repaired my make-up and put on my special outfit and retraced my steps and found Dade had a crystal flute of champagne waiting for me. The music had switched to a classical tango and we danced, close!
   Later, he surprised me and said, "Lindy, marry me!"  And I looked down and saw a diamond as big as a marble and watched mesmerized as he slipped it on my finger. "This is to help you think about it," he said then and took me in his arms.  I stood on tip-toes and gave him my lips and he pressed me to him, his maleness hard against me. The champagne whirled in my head and abruptly he grabbed our glasses and my hand and led the way to my bedroom door.  He stopped then and kicked it open. And we danced again, we drank and we kissed.
   Some time later, I eased myself out of bed and put a shaking hand over my mouth to quiet my rasping breath. My lips were bleeding and my body bruised. I groped around frantically in the dark for my clothes, found my purse and then ran like hell through the dark house looking for a way out! 



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