Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby, its mine!

   "Where's the money?" the man growled. He was young; somewhere around twenty. A baseball cap covered his hair. Dark glasses hid his eyes and a full mustache decorated his pockmarked face.
   "Where's my car?" I asked matching his tone of voice.
   "In the lot across the street!" He drummed his fingers on the table and barked again, "Where is it?"
   I raised the convas bag and opened it just enough for him to see the neatly stacked bills. I motioned for Jenny, the waitress to come over. I had talked to her for a minute when I'd ordered the manhatton.
   "We're going outside to check on something, could you put my bag somewhere safe for me.  Just make-up and things," I asked her now.
   "Oh sure, I'll put it in  my locker with my purse. It'll be safe." She took my bag to the back, not realizing what she was carrying. The man's face reddened as he watched her walk away.
   I stood up, "Now I want to see my car. You didn't wreck it did you?"
   "Oh fuck!" he mumbled.
   We went outside and across the street and there in amongst a row of cars strood a black BMW. My heart lurched and my breath caught. The license plate was mine!
   "Open it, I want to see the inside."
   "For Christ's sake lady, it's yours!"
   "You don't think I'm going to give you thousands of dollars until I'm sure it's mine and everything is still in it, do you?" Asshole, I thought, although I was terrified I needed to put on a fearless front.
   "Okay, okay." He opened the door with the keys. "Check it out. I put a few  miles on it, but that's all." He stepped back and pulled his cap lower on his forehead.
   "Well, I don't believe you. Let me see," and I slid into the seat and pulled the door shut. My heart thudded as I looked around. The inside looked the same, the same air freshener hung on the mirror, and my lipstick and some change lay on the console. I leaned over and quickly ripped open a corner on the passenger's back rest. And there it was! Stacks of my money, just as I'd hidden it monthsagao!
    I took a quick breath and tried to calm myself. I couldn't let him see this and I whipped the upholstery back as I turned in the seat and checked the back.  I got out then and slammed the car door.
   "I want to see the trunk. You didn't take my spare tires, did you?" I demanded then to cover my nerves.
  The man was sweating and yelled, "Lady, you got your fucking car, I don't have all night!"
   "Well, I do," I bluffed. "Well okay, I'm satisfied," I said then and we went back inside the bar.
    "I'll take my bag when you have a minute," I said to Jenny, as we stood at the bar.  My underarms were drenced as she returned with it a few minutes later. I handed it to the man and said, "It's all there, but you can go in the restroom and count it if you want.  I'll wait here for the keys!" 
   The man looked uncertain, then turned and hurried off. The second he disappeared I raced for the door, my extra set of keys in my hand. And in seconds I was out of the parking lot. My hands shook on the steering wheel and my heart thumped fierciely in my chest but I had my car and my million.
and he had a measly hundred dollars. It had been one chance in a million and I had hit the jackpot!
   Back at the hotel I threw my clothes in suitcases and raced down the stairs. I was on my way to an island on the southeast coast. And the first thing I was going to do, was find a bank and and a safe deposit box for my million.



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