Monday, September 12, 2011

Will J.T. kill again!

   Reed put his feet up on a stool, leaned back on the couch and picked up the Dallas newspaper.  He had been a guest at Betty's the past week recuperating from a gun-shot.   
    "I have to take off tomorrow and get back to my office up north," he had said to her last night.
    "Are you sure you're well enough?" she asked. Her face saddened.
    "I'll make it." he had remarked.  As he sat this next morning with the paper a small piece listed under out of state events caught his eye. His feet hit the floor and the paper crackled as he pulled it closer. 
   "Prisoner on the loose," he read. Then sat up, and winced at the sudden pain that burned through his arm and shoulder. "John Thomas, a convicted murderer escapes while serving a life sentence. Spotted, possibly heading south!" 
   Reed sucked in his breath and slumped back against the couch.
   How could this happen?  He read it again carefully word for word. His heart pumped furiously then as he grabbed the phone and called an acquaintance in law enforcement in the Dallas Police Department.
    It was confirmed, John Thomas, alias J.T., alias Jud Thurman had escaped from his prison guards. Reed sat stone-faced as the memories of what the man had done came back to haunt him.
    It had started when his law school buddy, Tanner Burk had represented Reka Holms in a divorce case.  Her husband was John Thomas.  She'd charged him with physical abuse, adultery, theft and deception. While the court date was pending, Tanner's secretary Sierra Ames had been killed in a  mysterious car accident. That case was never solved. After the divorce was granted John Thomas served a short term in jail and was released.  He then gained access into an insurance company using false ID.  Reed's comapny.  About the same time Reed got orders to re-investigate a claim that had been paid out to a woman named Lindy Lewis. He was thunderstruck when he realized it was the same Lindy Lewis he had known in college. He'd also gotten orders to check out a new employee by the name of Jud Thurman. It had all come to a halt when Tanner had gotten shot and killed.
   Reed reached for the cup of coffee as a stab of lonliness crept through his chest and he wondered, had Tanner figured it out just before Thomas shot him! Thomas had been in the same red car that had forced Sierra Ames off the highway.
   Now the whole goddamn case was wide open again! Thomas was on the loose and Lindy's whereabouts were unknown, but if Thomas was headed south that meant she was still here in the area somewhere!



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