Sunday, February 26, 2012

Immobilized in Fear.

It seemed as if hours went by as Lindy sat on the beach afraid to move, when suddenly her mind stumbled back to a childhood memory.
You always need to have an escape plan in mind to find your way back in case you get lost, she remembered learning from her brothers when they played in the woods as kids.
But what good was that now? She didn't have a plan! But she couldn't just sit and wait, it might take hours, maybe all night for this monstrous curtain of fog to clear.
Gathering her wits about her, she forced herself to think rationally. Now if she followed the trail of shells back again along the beach, wouldn't she end up where she started from? She walked forward a few steps then panicked, was she headed in the right direction?
Don't panic, calm down, she whispered. She checked her watch and saw it had been an hour since she'd left her room. Think, she whispered again, now if I walk for an hour, I should end up back at the condo, or, if I'm going the wrong way, well, I'll figure something out then.
Her heart thumped and her breathing came out in short gasps as she walked along, feeling as if any mimutes she'd step through the wall of white. She checked her watch and ten minutes had gone by, then thirty, forty and soon an hour.
She stopped and listened now. Had she gone too far? Or had she just gone an hour in the wrong direction after all?
Totally exhausted and frightened, she sank down on the sand. She'd just stay here and maybe someone would find her. She couldn't go any farther and was just about to give up in desperation when she heard a car honking. A dog barked, and voices suddenly echoed through the billowing gray. Then a breeze blew in from across the water and the darn fog cleared and the boardwalk came into view. Crying hystericaly, Lindy ran the last few steps to her condo and collapsed in her room. She put on a robe and went out on the balcony to sit in the sun to get warm, and she began to relax. But suddenly, her life seemed terribly alien to her.
She was so alone, Mitzi and Mario were forgotten, and she missed her home! The way it used to be when her husband had been alive and the two of them were happily renovating that house. She lay in a chaise lounge, her thoughts far away.
What the hell was she doing here anyway!

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