Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It was that first meeting!

Lindy and Mitzi lifted their margaritas to their lips and held their cigarettes arched smartly in their hands showing off beautifully manicured nails as they watched the two men approaching.  Their eyes met with school girl glee, reminiscent of their years together in college.
"Mi Amore," one said in a heavily accented voice as they hovered at the girls table.  "My brother and I would like to join you."
Lindy turned her brown eyes to him and lowered her glass.
"Well, I don't know---, What do you think Mitzi?"
Mitzi looked worried.
"You're just not adventuresome! We've got time for one drink," Lindy scolded Mitzi, taken by their foreign charm.
The two men were handsome; their dark feataures accentuated by their white linen trousers and bright silk shirts. Their bare feet were encased in Gucci loafers. One of them reached a hand out to Lindy and said, "My name is Mario D'Agustino and this is my brother Andre. We've been admiring your beauty. Our hearts are beating rapidly!"
Oh brother, Lindy thought as she took his hand, then had a minute to check out their gold watches and bracelets gleaming in the sunlight.
A waitress stopped by and Mario said, "We would like a bottle of Dom Perignon please!"
"Lindy," Mitzi started to protest, and Lindy kicked her under the table.
"Join us," She invited, then after taking seats, she asked, "Where are you guys from?"  She smiled demurely, always curious about people. She'd been accused of being just plain nosey from time to time.  But now she swung her sandaled foot out to display her bare leg.  Her long skirt was unbuttoned to just above her knees.  Maybe a little too high, she thought now as she glanced down.
She looked up as Mario said, "We're from Florida but originally from Europe." He brought a cigarette to his sensuous lips and snapped a slim gold lighter. "Have you ladies been here before?"
"Sure, many times," Lindy lied easily and smiled. "What brings you two here?"
"We're here to buy and sell," Andre said now.  He had been letting Mario do the talking and now he sat up and poured the chanpagne that the waitress had set down on their table.  "We need to celebrate, Senoritas!"
"Okay," Lindy said, "but what are we celebrating?"
"Something we've been working on for months!"  And everyone clinked their glasses together and began to sip the expensive wine.

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