Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Today, Tomorrow and Then (page 3)

A womans's voice said, "Good morning Miss Andrews, this is you daily nine-0'clock wake-up call." "Thank you, how is the weather?" Cory asked. "Its a lovely day. A balmy eighty five degrees." "Thanks again." She said to the desk clerk. "We hope you're enjoying your stay with us, Miss Andrews." "I'm loving every day, and thank you." Cory Andrews sat up and stretched, then flung the covers off and excitedly jumped out of bed. She showered and dressed in another of her new outfits. Her days flew by, the cool breezes and sunny skies her companions. One evening after several weeks, Cory just didn't feel right. So she decided to have dinner in her room and finish reading the novel she'd bought earlier. She wondered where the time had gone as she sat relaxing, the book lying in her lap. She had really wanted to go sailing on the ocean and also see a bullfight. The phone rang suddenly then and jumping up out of her chair, thinking it must be room service calling about her order, a man's voice exclaimed, "Cory, this is Nick Barry. I'm in the cocktail lounge. How soon will you be here?" "Who?" Cory asked. "Nick, Nick Barry." Cory stood with the phone pressed to her ear, a confused look on her face. "You must have the wrong room," she said politely. "Cory," the man said, "We have a dinner date for tonight." "I'm so sorry,I don't know you," she said hesitatingly. "Well, I see I didn't make a lasting impression on you yesterday on the cruise." "What?" Who was this man and what was he talking about. A cruise? "Sorry," she said again and put the phone down. Shaking her head, she went back and sat with her book and began to read. Now the words made no sense, the story new. Puzzled she turned it over and looked at the cover. Where did I ever pick this up? The book was new to her, she'd never seen it before! She got up and began to pace around the room. And as she did, looking around everything looked new to her. Her pacing slowed and she began to tremble. She eyed the beautifully decorated place warily. Lush carpeting tickled her bare tanned toes. She walked over and touched the flimey drapes and ran her hand over the papered walls. Was this her home? Shopping bags, neatly folded lay on the tables. Used tickets from bullfights and ocean excursions lay on the coffee table.

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