Monday, February 3, 2014

Today, Tomorrow and Then (page 4)

Sea shells and sun lotion stood on the bedside table. Bewildered, Corey sat alone in her room. **** In the main office of the resort the manager talked to the reservationist. "Sue, how long will Miss Andrews in 206 be staying?" "I'm not sure about her. Miss Eagen, but I think something is wrong!" "Why?" "Its so wierd, we've all gotten to know her since she's been here these two months, but sometimes she acts like we're strangers." "Well I've seen her come and go and she seems fine to me." "I know Miss Eagen, at times. But yesterday, she invited some of us to meet her at the bullfight. But she didn't show up. When I went to her room later to check on her, she didn't remember me." "I'd better go and see her." And after her visit, Miss Eagen checked the records and found Corey's home address and phone number and made a long distance call. **** Corey Andrews was sitting in the resort's restaurant having a leasurely lunch when she heard familiar voices. Looking up she saw her family; Her three son's and her daughter coming in the door. "What a pleasant surprise, but what are you all doing here?" She asked momentarily startled. "Mom, you've been gone so long," Val said and Jeff the youngest, picked a French fry off her plate. The kids bravely covered their worried faces, and another said, "we missed you Mom, so we've come to take you home. For Corey and her kids now, they had today, hopefully tomorrow and then-- -Lyn LaCoursiere

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